About Us

High Quality After School Care

The after school program is called, The Garden Art Studio After School Program and we will be operating out of the multi-purpose room at Reach School in Sebastopol and serving grades TK-5th.

Our program will offer your children an abundance of stimulating activities coupled with experienced and nurturing staff. We will ignite your child's imagination and creative ability with art projects in multiple medias! Children will get in touch with nature through projects that get their hands in the dirt and stimulate their intellect with life science themes. A main focus of our program is also social emotional development that will go hand in hand with the work they are doing at Reach by offering conflict resolution in the form of Toolbox education and Positive Discipline. Each day a delicious snack will be served to nourish the bellies of your children. We will eat together, family style and the kids will also help prepare snack! Some of these snacks will be multi-culturally themed and others will come farm to table! Last but not least, children will be encouraged to share stories and pictures of themselves and their home culture and ancestry with the after school community. Thereby enhancing the sense of community belonging and offering other children a glimpse into a different family and a different way of being in the world. Your children will also gain exposure to world music and fairy tales from around the world.

We are offering a rich array of enrichment, but that is not all! There will be play! Play the vital spark in childhood! There will be a balance of activity time and free time each day and I will make sure we are stocked with play equipment so your kids can move their bodies, laugh, giggle and feel a sense of freedom after being in school all day. We will also do our utmost to maintain a healthy balance between autonomy, freedom and structure so that the kids feel safe and are given boundaries, but they also have the autonomy to choose between at least two activities each day. If the options available really do not work for you child we will also have a few self directed activities available.

Accepting mature Middle school students who are able to act as mentors to the younger students.